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Assume you are a vice president in charge of a new business-to-business e-commerce division of a well- known major international auto parts manufacturer. A cyber squatter has registered the company name as a domain name. What are your options to secure the domain name for your company? Discuss the steps you should take to ensure worldwide protection of your domain name.

Remember to include in text citations for all sources, as well as a work cited.

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Consolidating the expiry date if the company has multiple domains would make the monitoring and renewal process less hectic. Another step is registering the domain name as a trademark to prevent malicious individuals from developing similar domain names. The sixth step is implementing an extensible provisioning protocol (EPP) which requires a specific code to be provided to a new domain name before executing a transfer. Also, registering similar domains, such as .com, .biz, .org. and .net would be another step to consider. Generally, these steps would enhance the company’s domain name security and prevent it from cybersquatting threats.

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