Business Studies

Business Studies may be defined as a combination of inter-related business subjects which lead to learning of basic knowledge and skills. It is a course in education that is designed to cover the basic elementary knowledge and skills in organizing business enterprises as well as general office administration.

Please answer the following by numbers with supporting references

Please answer the following by numbers with supporting references

1. Discuss the components and the importance of a total compensation system. Give an example.

2. What other benefits might not cost the company a lot, but really make you glad you work there?

3. Discuss pay for performance systems and some potential challenges and problems that may arise from these systems. What are some ways of addressing these?

4. Design a comprehensive compensation and benefits plan linked to key organizational objectives.

5. Structure a reward and recognition plan.

6. Evaluate emerging trends and issues in total compensation.

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Compensation, Benefits, Reward ,Recognition Plan for V.P. Operations

Compensation, Benefits, Reward ,Recognition Plan for V.P. Operations

This is a team assignment and the one in bold with the smiley face is mine…..I need it to be approx. 150 to 200 words

Resources: Blossoms Up! Case Study and Measure Compensation’s Impact

Part of Smith’s idea for Blossoms Up! strategic organizational objectives is the creation and hiring of a Vice-President of Operations. The position will oversee the company’s transformation to a high-technology entity in all phases of the business. Based on the job description completed in Week 1 and considering other factors that should be included in total rewards for this position complete the following

Intro/Conclusion, Editing, and Posting – Allison

Design an executive compensation package for this position linked to this strategic organizational objective.

Include the four general components of executive compensation:

  • Base range salary:
  • Standard employee benefit plans
  • Supplemental short- and/or long-term incentive compensation plans ?
  • Perquisites

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NP’s opportunities

NP’s opportunities

There are multiple opportunities for NPs today. Many NPs are now working as business owners or working as primary care providers as employees. Discuss with your classmates several current and future opportunities that you are aware of in your geographic area. Include in your discussion the requirements (i.e. years of experience), brief job description, and benefits if known.

Please follow 6th edition APA format and at least 3 five years or newer references.

Location of possible opportunities is in the state of florida.

paper document should not be more than 1 page in length single spaced including references.

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Strategic Plan, Part 3: Strategic Evaluation

Strategic Plan, Part 3: Strategic Evaluation

We still doing the Dream tree business.

In this section, you will be evaluating various strategies and making recommendations for the organization.

Write a 1,050-word minimum strategic evaluation in which you include the following:

  • Evaluate & access potential business level strategies for the organization.
  • Assess & evaluate potential corporate level strategies for the organization.
  • Assess & evaluate potential global strategies for the organization.
  • Recommend a strategy or combination of strategies the organization should implement, and include a rationale for that recommendation.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Note: You are continuing to build on your organizations strategy plan using the organization selected in week 1, the final plan will be submitted at the end of the course. The similarity match should not exceed 10%.

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Leadership across cultures

Leadership across cultures

International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior
No introduction or conclusion. Just discusses each country differently
  1. GO to; search for and watch the TED talk by Dan Pink, The puzzle of motivation. You will want to use the information from this video in your assignments for this Learning Plan.
  2. READ chapters 12, 13 & 14.
  3. GO to; search for and watch the TED talk by Roselinde Torres, What it takes to be a great leader. You will want to use the information from this video in your assignments.

Leadership across Cultures

This assignment will assess competency 7. Propose a Human Resource Management strategy and specific organizational behaviors that are best suited for global business organizations.


The due diligence analyses on the three countries chosen ( NIGERIA, CUBA, GERMANY) will wrap up in this assignment with the exploration of management decision making processes. For each of your countries, you will discuss;

1- the benefits bringing the diversity of the workforce will have for your company.

2- You will compare and contrast the various aspects of U.S. human resource management against those of your chosen countries.

3- You will examine what motivates the local workforce and the style of leadership which is prevalent in your countries.

4-You will contrast those against what our U.S. company would utilize.

A minimum of 1.5 pages per country is required and you will follow APA (6th edition) formatting ,with title and reference pages, indented paragraphs and a minimum of 4 APA formatted references and associated in-text citations

BOOK: International Management: Culture, Strategy, and Behavior

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Issues in Marketing

Issues in Marketing

2-3 page paper with 2 reference. APA guidelines. Answer all parts of question. Discuss the effectiveness of social media marketing and how it has changed the way you make purchasing decisions every day. Consider the different types of social media and list the specific applications which best communicates with adults-and-those that best communicates with kids/ teenagers. What is the reasoning behind your response? If you are unfamiliar with social media applications, research reviews online and conduct your own research to formulate your responses. No cover sheet is needed. Use good grammar and spelling. Support your wok with cited and referenced research.

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Training Plan

Training Plan


An organization’s ability to provide its employees with additional knowledge or skills that employees can effectively utilize remains central to raising the level of performance and productivity of both employees and the organization itself. Too many training opportunities, though, are not effectively created and utilized. The consequence is that the training presentation or program does not change the basic character or performance of an employee.

Research an organization that recently enacted a new or innovative training program. Be sure to choose an organization with which you are familiar and for which you can gather sufficient information to successfully complete this assignment. For this assignment, develop a well-written paper that includes the following:

  • Provide a brief background of the organization and detail the general issues/problems that the training was intended to address (for example, the lack of motivation within the sales force).
  • Present the general components of an effective training plan and assess whether the training program developed and implemented in your example followed general components of an effective training plan, explaining why it did or did not.
  • Finally, evaluate whether the training plan may be effective or not, stating how you would modify the training plan to raise the chance that it may effectively modify the behavior/attitude of the organization’s employees and therefore lead to greater productivity and profitability.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length
  • Include at least two scholarly sources that support your position as stated in this assignment
  • Be formatted according to the APA Requirements
  • Sample paper for format requirements attached

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discussion question

discussion question

For each item in Assignment sections “Watch”, “Read” and “Event”, each student is to write a 150-200-word discussion post as follows:

  • What 2 or 3 key ideas did you learn from the videos, readings or events attended?
  • What surprised you and why?
  • Formulate 2 questions that you would like answered or points you would like clarified.

1.“How to Start a Startup” Videos #1 and #2 (

2.Work by Google (

3.“How to Start a Startup” Videos #3 and #13 (

4.“Creative Collaborations” (

5.“How to Start a Startup” Videos #5 and #18 (

6.“How to Start a Startup” Videos #4 and #7 (

7.“How to Start a Startup” Videos #8 and #16 (

8.“How to Start a Startup” Video #19 (

9.Kaufmann module “Entrepreneurial Selling” (

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Subsidiary in a foreign country

Subsidiary in a foreign country


Some domestic companies are considering taking advantage of globalization and moving abroad or opening a subsidiary in a foreign country. Discuss two to three important issues faced by a domestic corporation that should be addressed when creating a transnational business strategy, including the role of human resources in this process.

Your initial posting should be well researched, at least 300 words. Your initial post must meet APA guidelines and include at least one scholarly reference from course materials.

Please read carefully 300 + words

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business law easy discussions

business law easy discussions

Homework #1

No unread replies.No replies.

Don’t make this assignment more difficult than it actually is. Under “Announcement” , entitled “One Thing …”, there are two articles. For each article, summararize the article with one paragraph. The paragraphs should be 250 words, or less.

Also, please provide a a third paragraph. The third paraph should summarize how the articles will shape your “decision making” as a manager, a business ower, or an individual with dealing with a personal legal issue. The paragraph should answer, “what are you looking for in attorney”. It should answer how you will “manage” that relationship to avoid unnecessary loss of time and cost.

There is no “one” right answer for the third paragraph. However, it should make sense for what you are dealing with and looking for in an attorney. It should show that you understand what the two articles are about.

You are the “manager”. Remain professional, but poignant. You, your company, or your business are paying the cost for attorney fees. This paragraph should also be 250 words, or lesss.

One Thing ….

No unread replies.No replies.

As business professionals and future business professionals, you will read many business related books over the course of your career. For example, “Good to Great”, “80/20 Principal” and “Habit” are three of my favorites.

“ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results” is a recent New York Times Best Seller. In sum, the book describes “the value of simplifying one’s workload by focusing on the one most important task in any given project”.

Why is this significant to Business Law 308? This course covers topics that I learned over three years in law school, a bar exam, and 14+ years of legal service. Practically, I don’t believe we can do the various subjects and topics justice in a 12-week course.

However, you should leave the course being familiar with key legal terms and concepts that business professionals address frequently. The “one thing” I would like you to get out of this course is that the act of hiring and working with an attorney is a “relationship”.

Every business will need an attorney. Like most relationships that you can’t avoid, it has to be managed.

I will attach two articles that I believe summarizes “the good and the bad” with the relationship. The articles also cover areas in the relationship that will need the most attention and management.

The articles will be a homework assignment at some point during the semester. I will give you advanced notice.

Read This Before Hiring a Business Attorney – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

10 Ways Lawyers Rip Off Clients (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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Business Law Case Analysis

Business Law Case Analysis

Dave is a driver for Empire Courier Service. Around the company, Dave is known as sort of a hothead. During his previous employment at another company, Dave had been involved in a workplace fistfight with a fellow employee, resulting in criminal charges.

One day, between deliveries and in a company vehicle, Dave decides to get lunch. While leaving the parking lot at Big Burrito Bistro, the favorite lunch spot for most Empire Courier employees, Dave negligently causes a car accident with another vehicle, resulting in injuries to Victor, the driver of the other car. As Dave and Victor are waiting on the side of the road for the police to arrive, Victor comments to Dave, “Oh, you drive for Empire Courier Service. It doesn’t surprise me that Empire hires bad drivers because their service stinks, and their prices are too high!” Dave is so offended that Victor would insult his employer’s professional reputation that he punches Victor in the face, causing Victor to suffer even more injuries. Empire Courier Service does not, as a matter of policy, do criminal background checks on its employees.

Considering the legal principles discussed in Chapter 20, explain who is liable for Dave’s negligence for causing the car accident, and explain who is liable for Dave’s intentional tort for punching Victor. Provide your answers in a case analysis of a minimum of 500 words. Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from outside sources. Use APA format.

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Negotiation Gambits to Use and Tactics to Avoid

Negotiation Gambits to Use and Tactics to Avoid

In this week’s discussion, you will continue to work on negotiation tactics and strategies, which will help you prepare your draft of subsections B and C of Section V: Negotiation Tactics and Strategies of the final project.

Last week you focused on the contrast principle gambit, which you wrote about in the Module Eight assignment. This week you will expand your focus to include other gambits, which are outlined in the Module Nine overview. These gambits are often helpful in dealing with a hesitant negotiation partner, as well as in other interpersonal discussions when seeking alignment or agreement.

As you prepare to write this week’s discussion post, first review the article: How to Neutralise Aggressive Negotiators Tactics.

Then, fill out the Negotiation Gambits Chart. Include the following information:

  • Identify two potential distributive negotiating gambits that Sharon Slade should consider to advance her agenda.
  • Identify two negotiating tactics that she should avoid during the negotiating session.
  • Identify specific gambits that would be the most appropriate for advancing your agenda in the negotiation.

Post your chart as an attachment to your post. In your responses to peers, offer your thoughts on the gambits they have identified and their potential effects on the outcome of the negotiations—both positive and negative. Defend your choices by providing reasons. Suggest other gambits to use with a hesitant negotiation partner to close the deal.

Your work on this discussion post will help you prepare your final project submission, specifically Section V: Negotiation Tactics and Strategies.

  • Compose a post of one to two paragraphs.
  • Reference scholarly or peer-reviewed sources to support your discussion points, as appropriate (using proper citation methods)

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Global project

Global project

I have attached last assignment you wrote. I think this one needs to connect to the first one.

First, read the following case:

U.S. Tariffs on Tire Imports from ChinaPreview the document

Then using some of the resources provided in this section you are asked to think as global managers in the same industry and review the questions at the end of the case. Prepare an internal memorandum to the CEO which overviews the issue and explains the talking points raised from the questions.

Please note your reply must be comprehensive. This denotes that all work must include proper citations and bibliography. All reference works must be scholarly, therefore, it is suggested to use the available links in the electronic library to aid your efforts.

Examples of Suggested Resources

  • Tarun Khanna and Krishna G. Palepu, “Emerging Giants: Building World-Class Competitors in Developing Countries,” Harvard Business Review, October 2006.
  • Antonie van Agtmael, “The Emerging Market Century: How a New Breed of World-Class Companies Is Overtaking the World,” Free Press, 2007. Boston Consulting Group, “The 2008 BCG 100 New Global Challengers: How Top Companies From Rapidly Developing Economies Are Changing The World,” January 2008.
  • Nirmalya Kumar, “Strategies To Fight Low Cost Rivals,” Harvard Business Review, December 2006.
  • Rosabeth Moss Kanter, “Transforming Giants,” Harvard Business Review, January 2008. A classic restatement of the factors that enable multinationals to stay agile.
  • Susan Berger, “How We Compete: What Companies Around The World Are Doing To Make It In Today’s Global Economy,Doubleday, 2005.
  • Michael Porter, “How competitive forces shape strategy,” Harvard Business Review, 1979, Volume 57, number 2, pages 137-145. The classic statement of the Five Forces framework. Still worth a read (and re-read).
  • Michael Porter, “What is strategy?” Harvard Business Review, November-December 1996, pages 61-78. A defense of the Five Forces framework at a time when the “benchmarking” and “core competences” were all the rage.
  • Michael Porter, “The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy,” Harvard Business Review, January 2008.

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Research Design: Propose and Justify a Research Design Method

Research Design: Propose and Justify a Research Design Method

Develop an envisioned methodology and design for your dissertation research topic based on the research problem, purpose, and research question, and previous research courses, and then write a research paper to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the envisioned method and design. In your paper, justify why the chosen method and design would be most appropriate for your research questions. In justifying your chosen method and design, discuss why alternative methods/designs would be less desirable for your study. Please corroborate your assertions with scholarly research.

Dissertation Topic: Race, Gender, and Class in the Workplace

Support your paper with a minimum of 7 resources. Resources must be dated 2016 to present to be current. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.

Length: 12 pages not including title and reference pages
References: Minimum of 7 scholarly resources.

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Review APA Form and Style.

Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

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Paid, Owned and Earned media

Paid, Owned and Earned media



Please follow the instruction below.

In one page, discuss which of the three types of media (paid, owned or earned) is the most valuable in the customer experience equation. Make sure you discuss how you are defining ‘valuable’ and share your reasons for choosing the media type you did.

According to my previous assignment that you did it for me before a week , I would like to answer this qeustion I posted right now.

I attached the previous assignment, please find it.

  • Paid, Owned and Earne
  • d media: Which is Most Valuable? << choose one that you think is the most valuable and explain why as I explained in the question.

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Pirates of Globalization”

Pirates of Globalization”

Read the Case History, “Pirates of Globalization,” on pages 102-104 in your text.


Write a two-page paper, typed and double-spaced, in which you respond to each of the following questions.

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Discussion, global effects, marketing

Discussion, global effects, marketing

Global forces and macro-environment factors continually challenge marketers. Selecting one of the macro-environmental factors from the table above (in our book) prepare a report on how you see that global force affecting, influencing, and limiting marketers in the near future.

For example, point # 2 states that “the movement of manufacturing capacity and skills to lower-cost countries” is one of the forces affecting marketing. How will this statement affect multi-nationals in their marketing plans for the future?

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Practicing corporate social responsibility( CSR) in Companies

Practicing corporate social responsibility( CSR) in Companies

2 pages the 3rd page is for citations-Topic is a company’s written code of conduct and CSR statement VS. what they actually practice in doing business ethically. Choose a company that you use or buy from and compare what they say on the internet about their CSR and what they actually do in terms of their practices. You will research what has been written about them in the media etc. Have their policies made them more or less successful.

Could you help me to find some article about Amazon’s news about CSR statement and practice in doing business ethically in this paper and Quote these article? It is best to have 3 or 4 references in this paper。.

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SWOT and set up of a new division of a company

SWOT and set up of a new division of a company


In this project, you will complete an external and internal analysis of Biotech. You will research the cosmetic industry and use the Company Profile to complete the project.

Skill Building:

You are also completing this project to help develop critical thinking and assessing the external and internal business environment.

Skills: Research, Critical Thinking, Writing

Outcome Met by Completing This Assignment


The Executive Director for the new Asia Division, has been asked by Max Barney to put together, and present in a memo to him, a business unit strategy that will be a guide for the next year as the new division moves forward. The Executive Director will be working with the consulting group over the next 5 weeks and they will assist with putting together this plan. The final plan will be laid out as outlined below and developed in three phases. In the first phase (this project), Section II and Section III will be completed.

Section I – Executive Summary

Section II – Goals and Objectives

Section III – Competitive Analysis

Section IV – Description of Organizational Structure and Culture

Section V – Breakdown of Product and Services

Section VI – Communications Plan

Section VII – Human Resources Plan

A Business Unit Strategy will provide the organization an opportunity to explain the goals and objectives of the new division and help with the development of the strategy to achieve them. The plan will allow the company to gain insight into the current status of the industry it is venturing into using internal and external analysis tools, and then use this analysis to design its division’s business environment. In addition, the plan will be used to form the team that will bring the vision for this division to reality.

Phase I

This week, the group from GoTo Consulting has been tasked with conducting internal and external analysis of the cosmetics industry, assessing Biotech’s future in the industry and developing the business strategy for Biotech as they move forward. You will need the Biotech Company Profile to complete the analysis.

You have been tasked with conducting a SWOT Analysis of Biotech and the cosmetic industry; a PESTLE analysis using the location the group identified during Week 2 (you must use the location identified in week 2) for the new offices; and a Porter Five Forces analysis for the industry. The group lead has requested that the analysis tools be accompanied with explanations that will breakdown the results of each analytical tool’s discoveries. With the results of this analysis, Biotech leadership should be able to make critical decisions on the types of products (and their corresponding ingredients) they will use during their initial product line launch.

In addition to the internal and external analysis, you have been tasked with identifying five (5) major business goals that Biotech should initially be focused on as they venture into the cosmetics industry. These goals should begin to define the entry strategy that the organization should follow as it tackles moving into an industry new to the organization. These goals should be robust but also attainable. Having clear attainable goals is great, but the goals also need to have clearly defined objectives that will measure the progress to achieve these goals. Meeting these objectives should result in the future success of their corresponding goals. When writing these objectives, ensure they can clearly be related to the 5 goals established as critical during entry into the cosmetics industry.

Instructions for Completing Phase I of the Business Unit Strategy

Step 1: Write an Introduction Paragraph

The Introduction paragraph is the first paragraph of the paper and will be used to describe to the reader the intent of the paper. This intent should be understood prior to reading the remainder of the paper so the reader will understand the intent of the information.

Step 2: Answer the Following

To conduct the analysis, use grading rubric to ensure specific information is included.

  • Conduct a SWOT Analysis of Biotech and the cosmetic industry;
  • Conduct a PESTLE Analysis of the cosmetic industry;
  • Conduct a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • You will provide explanations for the results of each of the three analyses using research and the course material. The analysis will provided specific details – generalizations are unacceptable.
  • Identify the 5 major goals the Business Unit Strategy should look to attain, with explanations as to the importance of each goal and why the goals are relevant to the Business Unit;
  • Identify a minimum of three objectives (per goal) necessary to accomplish each goal. Explain why the objective fits the goal.

Step 3: Review the Paper

Read the paper to ensure all required elements are present. Use the grading rubric to ensure that you gain the most points possible for this assignment.

Proofread the paper for spelling and grammatical issues, and third person writing.

  • Read the paper aloud as a first measure;
  • Use the spell and grammar check in Word as a second measure;
  • Have someone who has excellent English skills proof the paper;
  • Consider submitting the memo to the Effective Writing Center (EWC). The EWC will provide 4-6 areas that may need improvement.

Step 4: Submit the paper in the Assignment Folder (The assignment submitted to the Assignment Folder will be considered the student’s final product and therefore ready for grading by the instructor. It is incumbent upon the student to verify the assignment is the correct submission. No exceptions will be considered by the instructor).


How to Set Up the Paper

Create a Word or Rich Text Format (RTF) document that is single-spaced, with double spaces between paragraphs. Use 12-point font. The final product will be 4-5 pages in length excluding the title page and reference page. Write clearly and concisely.

Completing the Project

In order to complete this project, you will want to first read the module, Learn How to Support What You Write, as this assignment requires you to use the course readings and research to support what you write. Also,

  • Read the grading rubric for the project. Use the grading rubric while completing the project to ensure all requirements are met that will lead to the highest possible grade.
  • Third person writing is required. Third person means that there are no words such as “I, me, my, we, or us” (first person writing), nor is there use of “you or your” (second person writing). If uncertain how to write in the third person, view this link:….
  • Contractions are not used in business writing, so do not use them.
  • Paraphrase and do not use direct quotation marks. Paraphrase means you do not use more than four consecutive words from a source document. Instead put a passage from a source document into your own words and attribute the passage to the source document. Not using direct quotation marks means that there should be no passages with quotation marks and instead the source material is paraphrased as stated above. Note that a reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa.
  • Provide the page or paragraph number (required) when using in-text citations. If using the eBook, use the Section title.
  • You are expected to use the case scenario, Biotech Company Profile, and weekly course material to develop the analysis and support the reasoning. The expectation is that you provide a robust use of the course material and demonstrate thorough research of the cosmetic industry. The only external source material used is in relation to the research on the cosmetic industry. Material used from a source document must be cited and referenced. A reference within a reference list cannot exist without an associated in-text citation and vice versa.
  • Use a wide array of the course reading as well as sources from your research. The research should focus on information related to the cosmetic industry.

Learning Activity 1: Location


Group 1 with a 3 to 1 vote has selected to nominate Japan as the location for the new division. We have outlined our major points for this decision below.

  • Easy access to distribute and receive goods to and from the entire world.
  • High potential for growth for Biotech companies.
  • Highly qualified workers in local area

We did also have a strong argument for Vietnam with the main points being:

  • Centrally located in Asia
  • A predicted raise in GDP from $2,546 in 2018 to $18,000 in 2035


Learning Activity 2: Candidate

Group 1 with a 3 to 1 vote has selected to nominate Michelle Constance as the manager for the new division. We have outlined our major points for this decision below.

  • Has experience working in the Asian market
  • Has experience with marketing
  • Has experience as a manager
  • Has experience in cosmetics production

We did also have a strong argument for Jessica Solan as the manager of the new division with the main points being:

  • Does not micro-manage
  • Education
  • Overseas experience
  • Personal drive

This paper must use the area and Department Manager agreed on by group 1

About Biotech:

Recently, Geraldine Barney Garrett, the granddaughter of Wilford Barney who held the reins of the R&D department for Biotech Health and Life Products in 1965, retired and Geraldine’s own granddaughter, Melanie Malone, took over the department. Melanie is qualified for the job. She was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a double major in Botany and Food Science. She minored in Business Management. She had worked in the plant in Chicago every summer since High School and had reproduced and revised all her grandmother’s and great-great grandmother’s recipes. Starting full-time at 22 years of age Melanie got along with everyone in the department but at 27 Geraldine thought she may be too young to assume the position, but Melanie has shown strong managerial and leadership qualities since stepping into the role. Melanie wants the company to be a leader in innovative ways to be a sustainable company using green technologies as well as friendly to the environment, animals, and human health.

Maximillian Barney, the President, CEO and Wilford Barney’s grandchild, decided the challenge of deciding on a location for the new Cosmetic Division as well as the search for a Division Director would fall on Melanie. Since Melanie is passionate about keeping business focused on all-natural products and developing ecofriendly packaging, Max felt Melanie would ensure the company would bring in someone who would seek innovative, green, and sustainable ways to effectively bring Biotech into this new venture, while also ensuring the products are designed, developed, tested and delivered with the organization’s mission and vision in mind.

Melanie has contracted a small minority owned consulting firm, GoTo Consulting, to conduct research on the best location for this new plant that meets all the expectations of Biotech and also has the ability to launch these new products per Melanie’s mandates for green sustainability and innovation. A group has been assembled within the firm to decide on a location for the plant. Melanie has narrowed her preferences down to India, Japan, and Vietnam and wants the firm to present the best option to her.

SWOT and set up of a new division of a company Read More »

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