Communication and technology artifacts

In this assignment you will be demonstrating your understanding of how infrastructure effects access to and use of technology and summarizing the idea of affordances, complete with examples of how affordances impact technological choice and usage.


Follow the steps below to complete the assignment.

  1. Describe the ways in which infrastructure affects access to technology. In your response consider the ways that hardware, software, and internet access affect being a citizen in an increasingly digital world.
  2. In your own words describe affordances. Then provide at least two examples of affordances and talk about how they have impacted your personal technology choice or use.


  1. The essay should be a minimum of 200-400 words but no more than 600.
  2. Number your answers 1 and 2.
  3. Please include a word count at the bottom of your responses and BOLD any course terms or concepts.
  4. Times New Roman 12

Requirements: 200-400 words but no more than 600

Answer preview

Technology affordances refer to the diverse applications enabled by information communication and technology artifacts. It’s the potential that could be realized if a particular behavior is adopted to generate specific actions, especially in organizations. The affordances that have impacted my technology choice and use include Kindle and Shazam. Kindle is a miniature electronic device that is used for downloading and reading books online. It’s an extreme advancement of technology. It doesn’t generate heat like the laptop, has an automatic archive for books, integrates other social media like Facebook, and has an in-built Oxford dictionary.

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