Author name: Rosemary Mosco

Public health analysis

Public health analysis PUBLIC HEALTH ANALYSIS Successful completion of this project is intended to demonstrate the student’s ability to effectively “synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in coursework” (CE Handbook, rev. Aug 2016), as well as demonstrate application of theory and theoretical principles in discussion of a public health topic of choice. Online program students are asked to complete a Public Health Analysis (PHA) for the ILE requirement. The resulting PHA is expected to be a “high quality written document that demonstrates achievement of the core and program competencies” (CE Handbook, rev. Aug 2016) associated with the student’s program of focus …

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Ethics in Accounting – Discussion

Ethics in Accounting – Discussion Please read the attached paragraphs and answer the discussion question. Question: Assume you are asked as part of an audit of GE’s insurance business to assess fraud risks, what would you include in your report and why? Please be specific to this case. Please write in your own words Requirements: 1 page  

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