Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Overview of the Fred Hutchinson Research Center The Fred Hutchison Cancer Center is one of the most successful and largest bone marrow transplant centers in both the US and worldwide.  The center receives grants from the federal government and other independent US research institutes. The case was presented in the US district court in the Western District of Washington by the patients’ families filed a suit against Fred Hutchinson Research Center. The file occurred after Fred Hutchinson Research Center conducted a series of cancer trials between 1981 and 1993. At this time, the research center conducted clinical trials using T-cell depletion to graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD), which has been the cause of death during the bone marrow transplant process. Several patients who enrolled for the Fred Hutchison Cancer center trial died (Lin, & Liang, 2004). The causes of what transpired during the death of the patients who enrolled…    read more 

Companies that have gained market advantages due to Covid19

Companies that have gained market advantages due to Covid19 Global pandemics have been known to have adverse repercussions on businesses. For instance, the worldwide covid-19 epidemic has caused many small businesses to close their doors due to the high losses incurred. However, some companies continue to flourish during such difficult economic times. One of the critical elements that make businesses benefit more from catastrophic events is the gained economies of scale. An example of companies that have gained market advantages due to the corona pandemic is the Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd. and the UnitedHealth Group. Recognized as an international e-commerce giant, the Chinese based franchise, Alibaba Group registered a more than double its profit in its first-quarter fiscal report. This number is expected to increase due to the covid-19 pandemic that has left cities and towns on lockdown state. With no access to physical shopping sites, people are left with…    read more 


November 11, 2020 |

Delegation Did Nurse Joserine delegate tasks appropriately? Why or why not? (please include the five steps of delegation) Delegating Duties is a task that requires one to follow several steps to ensure activities run smoothly with minimal interruptions (Levin, 2018). Every organization has a specific way in which procedures are supposed to run. If a certain individual is absent, his/her duties are to be taken up by someone else competent enough to fill the spot. In the case of Nurse Joserine, I think that she was right to delegate her duties as she was needed a break. However, she did not do such a good job. Joserine followed only two steps of the five recommended for ideal delegation. First, she appointed appropriate individuals to handle each task. Secondly, she outlined the duties and expectations of the appointed people. However, she did not set a deadline or establish a way of…    read more 

Employment Laws: Reduction of Wages and Working Hours

October 25, 2020 |

Employment Laws: Reduction of Wages and Working Hours Assignment Compose a 10-page critical analysis research paper that addresses a specific topic of interest regarding employment law and the contractual relationships between employee and employers. Within the analysis, be sure to include at least five authors’ positions on the topic from scholarly peer-reviewed journals and be mindful to utilize sources that were published within the last three years. Students are to be sure to include a reflective portion regarding their analysis of the topic rather than just summarizing the journal articles chosen. You may propose an alternative project of your own design that shows attainment of the corresponding course outcome. The mentor must approve the alternative project. Sample Answer Introduction This research paper reflects on the contractual relationship and employment laws in line with the reduction of wages and working hours. Often an employer’s decisions to reduce employee pay are influenced…    read more 

Nursing Informatics on Patient Outcomes

September 23, 2020 |

The Impact of Nursing Informatics on Patient Outcomes and Patient Care Efficiencies To Prepare: Review the concepts of technology application as presented in the Resources. Reflect on how emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence may help fortify nursing informatics as a specialty by leading to increased impact on patient outcomes or patient care efficiencies. The Assignment: (4-5 pages) In a 4- to 5-page project proposal written to the leadership of your healthcare organization, propose a nursing informatics project for your organization that you advocate to improve patient outcomes or patient–care efficiency. Your project proposal should include the following: Describe the project you propose. Identify the stakeholders impacted by this project. Explain the patient outcome(s) or patient–care efficiencies this project is aimed at improving and explain how this improvement would occur. Be specific and provide examples. Identify the technologies required to implement this project and explain why. Identify the project team…    read more 

Social and Emotional Development Regarding Divorce

September 22, 2020 |

Social and Emotional Development Regarding Divorce To Prepare: Choose two of the following aspects of social and emotional development: Relationship with and interactions between mother, father, siblings Quality of peer relationships Empathy Expression of emotion Emotion regulation (e.g., impulse control) Romantic relationship formation/success Choose a developmental stage to focus on in this Discussion (e.g., preschool years, middle childhood, adolescence, emerging adulthood). (Note: If you choose emerging adulthood, please make sure you focus on the development of individuals 18–25 whose parents are divorcing.) Consider how divorce has been shown to impact that aspect of development in the short and long term. By Day 4 Post an analysis of how divorce has been shown to impact the aspect of social and emotional development that you selected, both within the first 2 years after the divorce as well as long term (e.g., into adulthood). Reference at least two peer-reviewed articles beyond this week’s…    read more 

Students Will Create a Change Management Plan

September 20, 2020 |

Question Students will create a change management plan that follows project management best practices to allow controlled changes to the project specifically for Schedule, Scope, Budget and Resources. The process should analyze the impact of changes to the project objectives and how changes to the overall project get approved or denied. Students may propose an alternative project of their own design that shows attainment of the corresponding course outcome. The mentor must approve the alternative project. Model Answer to the Above Question Introduction A change management plan is an essential tool for the achievement of project success. This includes the roles and activities to manage and control change during different stages in the projects. Change is at most necessary during the execution and control stages of the project. Change is always defined against the project baseline which requires that a request for change is made and approved or denied by…    read more 

Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder is a condition that affects mood instability and makes it difficult for people to form relationships. According to Brüne (2016), unstable relationships, fear of being abandoned, inability to regulate emotions, feelings of depression, and high-risk behaviors are some of the characteristics of the condition. According to APA (2013), people with the disorder have increased chances of committing suicide. Brüne (2016) says that people suffering from the condition have paranoid ideas, and they always have self-injurious behavior. There are several intervention measures that are being used to manage borderline personality disorder. These intervention measures are generalized to all populations, but they can be adapted to work in specific circumstances such as in sexual minorities. Causes of the disorder Several factors predispose a person to borderline personality disorder. Genetics is one factor that can contribute a person to suffering from the condition. According to NHS (2019), genes a person…    read more 

Business Strategy

Business Strategy Currently, the modern business environment is more competitive than ever, and this is because numerous business outfits have emerged to compete for roughly the same market. Therefore, successful companies are those that devise means which give them a competitive edge over their rivals. One such measure entails the adoption of a practical business strategy. The term business strategy is a workable plan that a business entity uses to compete favorably with other organizations, improve financial performance, achieve organizational goals, and attract new customers. An effective strategy is one that plots a clear guideline on actions that people are encouraged (not) to take for the betterment of the company, thus ensuring that no vital aspect of the business is left to chance. Are you studying with a busy schedule? Drop your assignments here. Our able team will provide personalized, quality, and plagiarism free answers. In this digital era, innovations…    read more 

Cancer Awareness

Cancer Awareness According to the American Cancer Society (2018), cancer is a significant health issue that has a high mortality rate such that per 6 reported cases of death, there is one death case of cancer. Risk factors like tobacco use, excess body weight, immune conditions, and inherited genetic mutations may promote the growth of cancerous cells. However, early detection through screening tests like mammography can help in reducing cancer-causing infections. Ethnic minorities, however, fail to have adequate cancer awareness due to emotional barriers like worry and mistrust with health practitioners (Knight, 2012). Inadequate cancer awareness is, therefore, an issue of great concern and this needs drastic attention since the cases of cancers are higher mostly among the ethnic minorities. Background Information Statistics show that there is low attendance of screening of cancers like cervical and breast cancer among women between 24 and 65 years in minority groups (Knight, 2012)….    read more