Crime scene protection

  1. Prepare a sample crime scene procedures field guide for processing digital evidence, based on the information provided in Chapter 10 of our textbook. The format of this guide should be simple to facilitate ease of use at the crime scene.

    Part II – Scenario

    You have just arrived at the scene of workplace violence where an individual shot his coworker. Describe, in detail, the steps that you would take to process the digital crime scene. Things to consider: comments from coworkers, contents of computer and cell phone, other digital evidence relating to the incident.
    Written reports of no more than five pages are to be prepared in a professional manner using the APA style for your cover page and references. Format and neatness matter, as do spelling and grammar. Use one-inch margins, 12-point fonts, and double-spacing. Put page numbers on all pages but the first. Up to 30% may be deducted for work that does not meet professional standards.

    Submit a single PDF document with each part clearly numbered.

  2. (THE BOOK ATTACHED BELOW) Be sure to use the textbook only CHAPTER 10

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Before opening the scene, police officers and other responders can share information on relevant scene findings at the debriefing of the crime scene. It guides follow-up investigations, special requests for help and defines post-scene requirements (Grimm et al., 2017). The police officers and other responders must encourage debriefing of the scene of crimes to ensure the investigation is complete and to verify post-scene tasks. The officer responsible for the crime scene should form a crime scene debriefing squad (Gardner & Krouskup, 2018). The investigating officer must collect reports and other documents relating to the investigation into a case file. This file will summarize the evidence obtained from the crime scene and the actions taken (Lillis, Becker, O’Sullivan & Scanlon, 2016). The documentation would allow an impartial evaluation of the work that has been completed (Casey, 2011).

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