Hospitals’ primary capacity

Both service and manufacturing organizations are required to evaluate capacity. Explain at least three of the major capacity considerations for a hospital. Provide an evaluation on how hospital capacity considerations differ from a factory. Response should be no less than 300 words and include at least one academic reference in APA format.

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Therefore, to improve the flow of patients in hospitals, first, there’s a need to examine the patient pathways. The key to successful capacity planning is to ensure that each patient travels along the shortest/cheapest path possible within the system, encountering the fewest delays. Secondly, the care models based on syndromes are also fundamental as many patients have similar needs, which could be addressed effectively as a batch. Optimal packages for a particular syndrome require measurable inputs and thus excellent outcomes for the patients. Care processes, on the other hand, involve employing enough staff or nurses with advanced education who can adequately take care of patients. By doing so, a hospital’s capacity is enhanced. All

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