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Research this topic on the Internet, and write a short (500 words) summary of what it was like to be one of these people, in this place/time/culture. (Who were they? How did they live? What did they eat? How did other people treat them?)

make sure to have the citations of the websites you have used at the end of the writing.

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In society, girls were separated from boys to ensure that they remain virgins. Girls were expected to stay in their family homes and could only meet with boys from the family members. For the well-off families, a part of the compound was set aside for women in the household to keep them away from men. They were allowed to spend time in public places such as churches, festivals, shopping in markets, and attending public baths, but they were supposed to sit apart from men and couldn’t mingle with them (Lindblom, 2019). They were also expected to get married, sire children, raise them, and care for the home. They only got educated within their homesteads, where they were taught to weave, spin and study the bible. A girl could get married as young as twelve years. It was tough for a woman in Byzantine to achieve a divorce, but she could be divorced if she commits adultery. A woman could only divorce her husband if he was found guilty of the murder of witchcraft (Lindblom, 2019).

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