Information security policy.

Q1. Discuss the purpose of an Information Security Policy and how it fits into an effective information security architecture. Your discussion should include the different levels of policies and what should be covered in an information security policy.

Q2. Discuss how an organization can apply the information life cycle to protect information. Make sure you discuss the different states of data and protection measures for those states.

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confidentiality, integrity and availability of data within the organization. The other element is authority and access control policy with which the manager may have the authority to decide what data can be shared and with whom. There are several purposes of an information security policy which include the following. The major objective is to enact data protection (Srinivas, Das, & Kumar, 2019). Secondly, it establishes a detailed procedure for information security, creating an effective model for organizational information security. The other purpose is that it detects the misuse of information caused by third-party vendors. Lastly, it provides effective mechanisms to respond to inquiries and complaints on non-compliance with security requirements and data protection.

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