, The ideology of wealth and possession

. What is the biblical view of wealth and possessions? Compare and contrast the Old Testament, New Testament, and current prevailing cultural views on money matters. Can it be a blessing when God withholds what he knows will corrupt the human heart? What are we supposed to do with the material blessings God bestows upon us?

2. Discuss the potential dangers of worshipping money, sex, power, youth, and beauty? How can these idols of the heart affect personal relationships, life goals, and even family members around us? How do they affect friendships and marriages?

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personal and family relationships as well as people’s life goals. In such instances, individuals lack the self-control of their thoughts and deeds by indulging in evil acts such as crime, rape, corruption, and drugs to quench their desires (Piper, 2016). The misuse of money leads to debt, financial instability, and health issues destroying the previously established sustainability plans. Furthermore, lustful desires destroy marriages and friendships. For instance, when a married man commits adultery by fornicating with the wife’s friend, this creates distrust between the parties, leading to a break of marriage and friendship covenants. The cheated-on woman no longer sees the value of the friendship and union with the ally and husband, respectively. Hence, these sins make people’s hearts disordered vertically due to failure to recognize that God is the Supreme Being desirable than any other. Altogether, this happens due to allowing pressures of darkness to control people’s lives.

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