Blockchain technology

In two (pages) Write an APA formatted paper on Blockchain:

  • What is Blockchain (describe…use an example if possible)?
  • How is it used today and how can it be used in the future?
  • What technologies are part of Blockchain?
  • What are the drawbacks of using Blockchain?

answer the questions in two pages using APA

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It is considered an immature technology that is facing several implementation challenges, such as a lack of skilled developers who can integrate it into the legal system. This leaves it unregulated, limiting its security. Secondly, the lack of blockchain developers due to a shortage of trained and skilled people renders implementation and management of projects difficult (Zheng, Xie, Dai, Chen & Wang, 2018). The third drawback is security and privacy challenges since hackers can still breach the blockchain systems through cryptographic cracking, double-spending, 51% attack, and DDoS attack.

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