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Hello, I have a comprehensive essay about a film called Get Out although this essay was already due on April 23rd I’m still able to turn it in late so I can receive a grade. I’m not the best when it comes to writing/typing essays. Please please I really need help. The rubric tells you what the essay needs to consist of. Has to be atleast 3 pages long typed in MLA format!
the film you have to review is Get Out it was released in 2017 directed by Jordan Peele. It’s about an African American man that meets his white girlfriend’s parents and soon learns her family’s dark secret. Be sure to write in this mircosot word or google docs. also needs to be typed in MLA format!
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dehumanization, and violence subjected against people of color in history and the contemporary United States. Whiteness has been depicted as contingent on anti-black discrimination through the endurance of whites on occupying bodies of African Americans in the film. The different perspectives on the analysis of the movie are approached from distinct political, critical, and theoretical opinions. The varied analysis of the movie is vital to achieving the dense layers of meaning hidden behind Get Out. The film also renders the white-spaced society monstrous due to its homogeneity and exclusivity of the people of color. The body-swap narrative of the movie indicates the political subtexts within the community that causes white people to act inhumanely towards the black community.

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