Marketing communication.

THE CHALLENGE: What are the implications of recent technological changes and developments on communication in crisis situations?

THE AUDIENCE: Marketplace professionals in integrated marketing communication, corporate reputation, and corporate communication. *Prepare your brief with this audience in mind.

THE BRIEF: Select 1 of the 2 articles for this brief. Using the article as your primary text and starting point for answering this question, prepare a business brief that responds to the challenge question.

Business Brief Requirements: A business brief the equivalent of an academic paper but for a business context and audience. For this brief, the format should include a:

  • Cover page
  • Executive summary
  • Headings for key areas
  • In-text citations
  • Succinct conclusion (3-5 sentences) focused on key insights
  • Reference page
  • Use of current APA Style throughout

A total of five different sources should be cited and referenced in this brief:

Be sure to properly support your work with in-text citations. The final document should be at least 750 words (3 pages, not including a cover page and reference page). SPECIAL NOTE: Use of first person is NOT permitted in this assignment.

Choose one of the two articles below as the artifact for this assignment. They can be accessed through Science Direct in JFL resources, or by inserting the title in the search bar on the homepage.

Xu, S. “Crisis communication within a community: Bonding, coping, and making sense together.” Public Relations Review, Vol. 44:1. March 2018, pp. 84–97.

Zheng, B., Hefu, L., and Davison, R.M. “Exploring the relationship between corporate reputation and the public’s crisis communication on social media.” Public Relations Review. Vol. 44:1. March 2018, pp. 56–4.

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, social media has these other two roles in crisis management; Crowd-sourcing and collaborative development and creating social cohesion and promoting therapeutic initiatives (Alexander, 2014). On the part of consumers, technological advancement will provide them with a steady stream of devices and machines to help them go with their way of life with ease. On the other hand, marketers and professionals will be able to achieve high productivity with a short period, the cost of production will be significantly reduced and, high levels of efficiency will be made and greater brand perception. This will hence enable the organization to achieve their goals and objectives quickly, and thus more profits are realized. On the negative, privacy and security of data collected in the course of a crisis response may be compromised by the use of social media. In other ways, some people use social media to give false information with the aim of confusing, disrupting, and or otherwise hinder response efforts (Dugdale, Gonzalez, & Turoff, 2017). The result of this may be counterproductive in the marketplace.

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