need to write short answer of 3 question

need to write short answer of 3 question

How would the task environment of a new internet-based company compare to that of a large government agency?

What are some ways in which the international sector affects organizations in your city or community?

Do you think planning becomes more important or less important in a world where everything is changing fast? Why or why not?

just need to write short answer of three question maybe one each reference



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Different businesses face varied challenges based on their market and industry in this rapidly changing business environment. Often, international sectors’ actions trickle down to affect local organizations. A new internet-based environment’s task environment would differ with that of a large government agency in several ways. First is the concern for customers as part of the task environment. According to Davis, Batchelor & Kreiser (2019), competitors, customers, and suppliers are strong personalities to consider in task environment analysis. The government agency is nonprofit and would not be too concerned about clientele preferences because their services are irreplicable. However, the internet-based business would need to be careful in satisfying clientele preference since they are profit-making. Also, a sizeable


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