Lifespan Development in the News

July 11, 2021| Prof. Richie Edward

 Lifespan Development in the news

Lifespan Development in the news

STEP 1: Find a popular news article from within the past five years that reports on the results of a research study related to lifespan development. This should not be a blog entry, but a published article from a news source such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, Newsweek, NPR, CNN, Fox News, etc. A great place to look is the APA’s Psychology news portal. Read through the article and ensure that it is descriptive and sufficiently long enough in order to draw conclusions from the original research mentioned.

STEP 2: Go find the psychological study or studies that are mentioned in the news report. Sometimes those are not freely available online, so you may have to track down the original study through the library’s website or goggle scholar. The study should have been performed within the past five years.

STEP 3: Write a paper between 500-750 words that:

Requirements: 500-750

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