Read a discussion post below, and critique their selection by confirming what points they chose to select their topic and three things they may include to further defend their choice.

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Discussion Post:

Leveraging emerging technologies is significant in career of accountants. The emerging reality is that accountants have to know about technologies — ones they use along with planning for ones they are about to use. Because:

1.Automation has become a trend, and if we don’t make changes, our traditional work will be replaced.

2.There is no denying the risk of using new technologies, but there are also many opportunities.

3.Cloud-based accounting and Software as a Service will still a big part of the changing dynamics for the accounting profession. Adoption of cloud-based solutions in the finance function continues to rise, according to surveys conducted for the 2017 Benchmarking the Accounting and Financial Function report. (Kevin Keystone) Most people don’t concerned about moving sensitive financial or customer data to the cloud. They also report finding cost savings, simplified information sharing and better team collaboration using the cloud.

4. Usage of blockchain technology is increasing, it brings more opportunity. It’s all about greater efficiency, visibility and lowering compliance costs without intermediaries.(Jon Baron)

5.Convergence of big data and artificial intelligence is a tendency. More and more futurists are talking about how the next evolution of big data will involve automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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