HUMA 1302—Humanities II

December 6, 2022| Rosemary Mosco

HUMA 1302—Humanities II

Course Reflection Paper


Following the prompts below, write a 750-word (minimum) reflection paper on what we have studied in this class. Discuss the following areas in the context of the course content and theme. You are supposed to use your textbook (if you have one for the course), lecture notes, and any assigned readings as your sources.  You are not supposed to do other research.  Parts of the paper are subjective paper, so you may use “I” in your paper.


  • Discuss how the course has affected your world view of the term “culture/community.”
  • Compare and contrast two different cultures/communities discussed in the course.
  • Connect what you have learned in this course to previous learning and life experiences. Include how you use to interact with another culture/community and how you would now.
  • Argue for or against the value of learning about other cultures/communities as part of your education.

    Be sure to discuss both sides of the argument.  Identify the consequences of studying other cultures/communities and of not studying other cultures/communities as part of your argument.

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