New To Leadership? Learn How To Delegate Effectively - InsperityDid Nurse Joserine delegate tasks appropriately? Why or why not? (please include the five steps of delegation)

Delegating Duties is a task that requires one to follow several steps to ensure activities run smoothly with minimal interruptions (Levin, 2018). Every organization has a specific way in which procedures are supposed to run. If a certain individual is absent, his/her duties are to be taken up by someone else competent enough to fill the spot. In the case of Nurse Joserine, I think that she was right to delegate her duties as she was needed a break. However, she did not do such a good job. Joserine followed only two steps of the five recommended for ideal delegation. First, she appointed appropriate individuals to handle each task. Secondly, she outlined the duties and expectations of the appointed people. However, she did not set a deadline or establish a way of determining the individual’s progress. Besides, Joserine barely made her representatives understand the level of authority associated with their assumed positions.

Who will be held accountable for the outcomes of the roles/tasks that Nurse Joserine has delegated?

Accountability is a key quality that ensures individuals maintain high levels of responsibility (Kendall, 2018). In the case of Joserine, the appointed representatives have to be under the authority of someone superior. The nursing coordinator who was left in charge of handling emergencies and other activities will be answerable to the CEO of the medical institution. The clinical specialist will also be answerable to the CEO as there is no other person second to this post. However, it is important to note that these two individuals lack adequate knowledge on how to handle the duties assigned to them. Therefore, in case of any damages, Nurse Joserine will be held accountable for her representatives’ outcomes.


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